GAMAC - USO Photo Booth

How to Order Prints

  1. Look through the gallery of pictures, and choose the photo(s) you would like.

  2. Note the title of the photo(s). *Title located in the bottom left hand corner of the picture, ie. USO PB - 1

  3. Complete the form below or email with Print Title + Print Size + Quantity.

  4. When you are finished, press ORDER.  

  5. I will send you an emailed Invoice (via PayPal) within 12 hours of your submission.

  6. Once you pay the invoice, your prints will be mailed with in 1-2 business days.

* For the free digital copy, your file may be emailed via Shipping on prints will be $3.00*

Print Sizes & Prices:

Digital Copy (emailed) $0                      4 x 6 Print $3.00 each

5 x 7 Print $4.00 each                           8 x 10 Print $6.00 each

Order Form:

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